What we do

We are small print procurement company. Helping our clients to organize their print and packaging processes. Sometimes changing way of thinking about print buying and management inside organization.

Our knowledge, experience and our strongest traits to help the producers to find the best solutions for their packaging and pricing needs. Having the knowledge about the printing houses in different countries, allowing us to choose the best printing house for Your project as fast as possible.

How we do it

Good brief and knowledge about client is essential. We are letting our customers to do all things as usual. After few weeks of observing we can adjust processes to be more cost saving and faster. We adjust SLOB management to achieve optimum efficiency within product range.

We will make the packaging ours headache, not yours. We do not represent any printing house or material producer. We believe that this is the way we can provide the best quality for the best price. For the new projects we will look for separate new partners – to serve your needs the best. Having a big printing house database in different countries, is allowing us to directly choose the best printing house for Your project.

Where we live

Adjustpackaging is located in Poland, city of Poznań. Just 2 hours driving from Berlin and 3 hours from Warsaw (A2 highway).

See contact site for details.

Print approvals, design-to-print

What is in the packet:

  • Help in organizing all necessary documentation needed for the printing (proofs, cromalines);
  • Go to the printing house and manage the print approval;
  • Bring all documentation, protocol and samples of printed packaging back to You.

Why is it good for You:

  • You get the wished result not only in colors but also in printing quality;
  • Consistent color control lets your packaging be identical (delta <3) on various printed materials, we can match color on paper, cast and aluminum;
  • Save a lot of money (travel, hotels, etc.). Since we are located in Central Europe, we are able to provide the approvals for better prices;
  • You don’t have to talk with printing houses about the quality and printing machines, all technical chit-chat is made by us.
  • during the first-print run we can adjust all settings to run full-scale production

Mockup production

Mock up is a full-sized model of packaging that is used for testing, showing its features or reviewing design. It is a very useful tool for the new packaging. It assures that the new design will look great on the real packaging. Logistics can be tested and optimized if needed. From one piece, even cast, aluminum, carton, point of sale stand.

Product declaration

We can check and approve declaration on Your packaging if it meets the European and national Laws.