What we offer

Print approvals

We will help organizing all necessary documentation needed for the printing (proofs/cromalines, material samples and their approvals, models etc.) Our specialist will travel to the printing house and manage the print approval. After – all documentation will be prepared and archived for later use, protocol and samples of printed packaging will be sent to you ASAP.

You will get the wished result not only in colors but also in printing quality. Consistent color control lets your packaging be identical (delta <2) on various printed materials (we can match color on paper, cast/foil and aluminum). You will save a lot of money (travel, hotels, etc.). Since our specialists are located in different countries, we are able to provide the approvals for better prices. You don’t have to talk with printing houses about the quality and printing machines and all technical stuff – do your work, we will pack it.

Packaging design from scratch and existing design adjustment.

Throughout the packaging project development we will take care about:

  • Analyzing your packaging design
  • Choosing the best printing technique for your design
  • Choosing the best printing house for your project
  • Negotiating printing price
  • Package unification
  • Adjusting the design to get the desired price and quality
  • Managing electronical and print proofs
  • Print approvals.

Mockup production

Mock up is a full-sized model of packaging that is used for testing, showing its features or reviewing design. It is a very useful tool for the new packaging. It assures that the new design will look great on the real packaging. Logistics can be tested and optimized if needed. From one piece, even cast, aluminum, corrugated or solid cardboard, POS.